How to Fix Crow’s Feet

As the years pass, the skin becomes thinner and drier and wrinkles begin to form and the dreaded “crow’s feet.” After many years of mourn, laugh, blink and squint it is very logical that crow’s feet forming. Another common cause of these wrinkles around the eyes are formed is exposed to the sun without using […]

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10 Uses of Coffee Grounds For Health

Coffee Grounds are known as the coffee residue left in the coffee filter. Recent studies show that coffee grounds are rich in antioxidants and nutrients that can beautify the skin, hair and help us solve several problems in the garden. In addition, the coffee grounds are also very effective in eliminating odors. Reusing coffee is […]

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How to Prevent Foot Odor

The odor of the feet can not only be uncomfortable but also embarrassing. This is a common problem in people who wear closed shoes all day, every day. Sweating promotes the growth of fungi and bacteria on the feet and sometimes even in the same shoes. Some bacteria feed on dead skin cells and this […]

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How to Prevent Wrinkles

We ever heard of a proverb – Prevention is better than cure. The same thing also applies¬†while we are talking about wrinkles. If start to supply a healthy amount of antioxidants to our body then we can fight the free radicals which is one of the causes of wrinkles. Well, rather we should say, how […]

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