Choosing The Best Sun Protection Factor

You know that you must use some form of best sunscreen for tanning and protection every day, correct? Even during the colder winter months, sunscreen is really vital to the skin’s health. However, how does one choose from all the many kinds of  those SPFs on the  counter? Is one sunscreen good  than the rest ? How can one  know which one  is the best sunscreen for tanning and protection? This post  has been written to clear up that SPF confusion.

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What Is SPF?

Quite factually, SPF is the short from “Sun Protection Factor.” In every case, the more the SPF number, the higher the  protection you will get  against the UVB rays from the sun. While this  fact  might be old news to some , are you aware that  the SPF number as well indicates the time that you one  stay out safely in the sun?

For instance, if you happen to be someone  with sun sensitive type of skin, a SPF of 15 or more will help you to safely be outside for 15 times more  than you would normally. This simple logic might  be applied to all SPF numbers out there.

The Higher the Better?

Now the main question is: what is the correct number that someone should be looking for? Well, most skincare professionals  tend to suggest a product that has between 15-30 SPF. Any number of SPF  that’s more than 30 usually doesn’t offer  much more protection.

But, if you have a fair skin, you might  want to look for  an SPF of  15-30. This small  bit of extra SPF might  protect people with fair skin well  than what a lower number can do. Even for those who have dark skins, there is still wear have sunscreen. Dark skin might burn just as fast  as the light skin can.

Powder, Spray or Liquid?

Any difference between the liquids, powders as well as sprays on the counter? Is one type of sunscreen good than the rest? Generally, all kinds of sunscreen have been made for mass use. So, the vital thing is to check the SPF number.

But, you have to also read the sunscreen ingredients. Should you have a sunscreen that is integrated into other product like the moisturizers or foundations, be really careful about the ingredients that are in the  product. Some products may harm your skin.

Best Sunscreens

The only way to choose which is the best sunscreen for tanning and protection for you is to those one that is designed from organic compounds. These sunscreens do not have a large number  of toxic chemicals. Rather, they are all times composed of natural compounds.

For those who have sensitive skin, go for a sunscreen that won’t make the skin break out. Also, if you have a plan to swim or you think you might sweat when wearing sunscreen, it is good  to choose a waterproof option.

Enjoy the Sun

The sun is a welcomed thing for everyone. Sunshine just feels amazing on skin, it offers us a boost of Vitamin D if there is need for it,  but lest not forget that it also has the ability to invoke worse problems. In short, we cannot avoid the sun totally. So, use the best sunscreen for tanning and protection every single time you get outside – and don’t worry about the season.

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