5 Tips To Keep A Fabulous Skin During The Cold Months of Winter

The cold winter months can cause many changes in our skin. And sometimes it can be very difficult to get a beautiful skin in winter. But the good news is that it is perfectly possible to have flawless skin, no matter the weather. Do not be afraid of losing your summer glow now that the cold weather is installed – in fact, there are many tips to care for your skin in winter and to keep your skin glowing throughout the year!

While many parts of the world are beginning to feel the intense cold and icy winds, many of us also see that our skin begins to change. The establishment of a skin care routine for the winter is essential, especially for people who live in cold, dry climates. In winter, the air is less humid and indoor heating systems, chimneys, and car heaters can dehydrate the skin. It is, therefore, important to consider and correct the skin drying your skin care winter program so that your skin is bright. 


image source: nestle.in
image source: nestle.in


In summer, it is natural to drink more fluids automatically because of higher temperatures. Do not reduce your water consumption only because the outside temperatures drop! You may not feel like drinking a large glass of ice water and summer, but try to drink water at room temperature or a refreshing cup of hot tea to stay hydrated.

image source: healthnbeauty.in
image source: healthnbeauty.in


Have chapped lips in winter is depressing – this can be painful if chapped lips are exposed to extremely low temperatures and cosmetic products have a poor performance and poor appearance on chapped lips! Make sure you protect your lips with a moisturizing balm containing SPF. It’s not because it’s cold the sun can damage your lips.So do not forget to apply sunscreen on your lips! Which brings me to talk about the following rule for skin care in winter …

image source: magazine3.com
image source: magazine3.com


It’s not because it’s cold outside and you can not feel the heat of the sun there is no UV radiation in the air. So, do not ignore FPS just because it is winter. If you need more hydration in your winter program of skin care, look for moisturizing sunscreens or apply your sunscreen moisturizer you already use. For those days when you are wrapped  warm inside, apply Regenerating Night Cream Herbalife SKIN. It is a rich and luxurious cream, which will give you all the long-term hydration we all need during the winter months.

image source: hellomagazine.com
image source: hellomagazine.com


As your lips, the skin on your hands is fine and delicate, and can be vulnerable to cracking in cold weather. Moisturize your hands with hand cream and apply the cream all day in cold weather to keep your hands moisturized. For convenience, bring with you a hand cream travel size, or keep the tubes of cream for hands in your office, in your car, and in your bag. And do not forget to wear your gloves – when you venture outside, gloves not only keep you warm, but they also protect the skin of your hands against the cold! The hand cream and body Herbal Aloe Herbalife is the perfect companion to face the cold temperatures of winter.


Have you ever noticed that it is more difficult to apply the foundation and blush cheeks winter? This is because the skin tends to be drier in winter, resulting in the appearance of flaking and dry patches. In times like this, use a moisturizing serum will more easily apply cosmetics.  When you choose your cosmetics in winter, prefer moisturizing formulas. Generally, creams blushers and liquid foundations will give you more moisture than products in powder form.


Your skin needs can change dramatically depending on the season, especially if you live in an area undergoing extreme temperature variations between summer and winter (or between the air temperature inside and outside thanks to the central heating). Skin care in summer and in winter are totally different. It is only you who know what is comfortable on your skin – if you have skin that is drier in winter than in other seasons, for example, you might consider to apply more moisturizer and serum on your skin every day. In all circumstances, do not forget to apply your night cream and you can change your facial cleanser for cleaning targeting normal to dry skin and use it until the end of winter. 

Follow the above process and prepare your skin for winter.

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