How to Make Your Kids Wear Sunscreen

Making your kids do something that they don’t want to do is a challenge. Asking them to eat their vegetables, make their beds, and do their homework…It’s a constant struggle. Do you realize how much opposition you’d face if you ask them to wear sunscreen every day before they go out the door?

If you don’t fancy the daily brawl of you putting the sunscreen on your kids while they are squirming, follow the tips below to ensure that your kids would gladly put on their sunscreen by themselves.

Choose a Sunscreen that’s All Natural and Organic

Kids tend to avoid products that smell and if you choose a sunscreen that is heavy on the chemicals, not only would they not use it, it’s also harmful. If you purchase an organic natural sunscreen for children, the product would not have a strong smell. It would smell like the extract of fruits or flowers that were added to the mix. It would leave a pleasant smell that your kids would enjoy.

Image Source: Unsplash

Make Putting On Sunscreen a Fun Activity

There are sunscreens on a stick that you could purchase and ask your kids to put it on one another. At least with these products, applying them is easier. You could ask your kids to draw on one another using the sunscreen as “paint”. This would not feel like a chore for them or something that they have to do because they are enjoying it.

Rewards System

When you are outside enjoying the sun whether swimming at the beach or enjoying an afternoon stroll in the park, ask your children to put on sunscreen and if they don’t want to obey, tell them that they could enjoy 15 minutes more before the agreed time to go home. With this reward of extra playtime, they would happily put on sunscreen.

Explain What Would Happen If They Don’t Put On Their Sunscreen

You would be amazed at how much your kids could act beyond their age. If you try talking to them like an adult and explain to them the danger of going out under the sun without sunscreen. Of course, you might need to use words that they would understand but if you tell them that staying out under the sun for a long time without any protection would make them sick in the future.

Set an Example

If your kids are still young and they are at that age where they copy everything you say or do, use this to your advantage. If they see you putting on sunscreen before you step out of the house, they would do the same. If this becomes a habit, they would still continue doing so even if they are older or even if they don’t see you doing it. Instil this routine on them when they are still young and they would have this practice even when they become adults.

Make it a point to put one handy bottle of sunscreen on your kids’ bags especially when they are already going to school. Instruct them to reapply before they go out for their break. Other parents would appreciate it because it might inspire other kids to follow your kid.