Say Goodbye To Your Baby’s Rashes

Are you a mum that is constantly worriedabout your little ones hygiene? Read along to know how you can prevent your baby from skin rashes and help your babies overall inward and outward health.

Shower Time

It is important that you invest in a good brand for your babies soaps and shampoos. It is also important that you do not over shower your baby. since their skin is soft and sensitive, overusing the products could result in skin irritation and rashes.

Hygiene Control

Mum’s, you are in charge of your baby’s hygiene levels. As much as skincare, ensuring your baby is clean and comfortable at all times is very important. Babies bladder movements cannot be controlled at a young age, therefore investing in a trusted brand that will help aid this issue will help you and your baby.We can share one tip that will promise you no rashes. You can find nappies that are made out of the best materials promising your baby the utmost comfort and care.

Furthermore, using a mild lotion on your little one’s body can also help prevent rashes. Make sure you use it daily at least once to keep your baby’s skin soft and away from heat.

Image Source: Unsplash

Overusing Pampers

We understand that sometimes as working mum and dads, time is everything. With your busy schedule changing your baby’s diaper all the time could be annoying, however it is crucial to do so as overusing pampers can cause a lot of irritation to your baby that can lead to rashes.

Food & Drink

Introducing new foods into your baby’s digestive system could also cause an outward reaction and cause rashes. therefore it is vital that you monitor everything you give your child and ensure that certain foods can be consumed with no inward or outward reaction. Keeping your baby hydrated is super important aswell and can help prevent rashes and other skin conditions.

Limit Anti-Biotics For You And Your Baby

During breastfeeding, we advise that you try to limit your usage of antibiotics and find a more natural method to treat your condition unless it is of absolute bad condition. Furthermore, if your baby takes antibiotics it leads to a higher risk of a yeast infection resulting in diaper rashes.

Take Care Of Yourself

When you are on 24/7 duty taking care of your baby, you need to be alert at all times, have some time for yourself as well. If you cannot take care of yourself, it can also cause damage to your baby. We advise you to always wash your hands after changing diapers so that you do not spread germs to you or your baby.

A healthy mummy can do all things, therefore take into account the small but Important little details that can help in the long run.  Last but not least, when your baby is finally asleep try to get in your own nap and spend some time for yourself. We understand the importance of self-care.